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New Service:  School Memory Books

In nearly every home I encounter bins of school papers. The most common explanation as to “why” families haven’t done anything with their children’s paperwork, school photos, artwork and memorabilia is two-fold:

  1. They simply do not have the time. These are busy, dedicated mothers and fathers who often have more than one job and adding to their already lengthy daily “to-do” list simply isn’t possible.
  2. They don’t know what to keep and what to toss. As a result, they simply keep EVERYTHING.

Would you like to eliminate the guilt of collected school memorabilia for your child?


Would you enjoy being able to access those memories/photos/papers to enjoy them now…rather than in 20 years?

Vacaville Organizer is offering a limited time service of creating memory books for clients. The process is a simple 3 steps.

  1. Make an appointment to Vacaville via phone, email or text.
  2. Vacaville Organizer will come to your home (within our service area of Fairfield, Vacaville, Winters an Dixon) to pick-up your items, in a sealed tub. We will provide you with protective envelopes in which you can sort your child’s art/mementos/photos by year in school.*
  3. Within two weeks your finished product will be returned to your home.

*There is a $40 deposit required for each book.

What do the books look like?

Vacaville Organizer uses crisp, white 2 and 3 inch binders with acid/archival free page protectors. The outside of the book will be customized to your specifications. Some clients choose a “school theme”, while other prefer a simple color that matches the decor of the home. Dividers are placed to delineate each year in school. The format includes a school photo, class photo, reports cards and then any artwork, reports, certificates and school memorabilia for each year in school.

Generally, it takes (1) or (2) 3-inch binder(s) to cover grades K-8 and one 2-inch binder for the high school years.

What will be included in my binder?

All school photos, report cards, 8.5X11 artwork, personal writings, certificates and anything with a hand print will always be included. Generally, workbooks, mass-produced art, tests and things that are not personal in nature will be put aside and returned to the client in a sealed enveloped.

What if I have over-sized items that I would like to include?

We can absolutely do that. Our answer to those bulky items it to take a photo of the trophy, diorama, jersey or oversized art piece and include that in your memory book.

Can you scan it?

YES! Vacaville Organizer uses a high-powered, professional Fujitsu ScanSnap scanner. We can scan your entire school memory book for you and provide you with a disc containing the image of each page. You can their ensure that these memories will last a lifetime, you can share their memory books with loved ones and store a digital copy of their books in a different/fire-safe location such as a safe or safe deposit box.

The cost is for scanning each book ranges from $75-100 per book, depending on the amount of pages in each book.

What if I later want to scrapbook these items?

If, at another point in life, you decide that you want to make a scrapbook for your child, the School Memory Book Vacaville Organizer creates will have preserved the integrity of all of the important photos and artwork for you, in chronological order.

Let go of the guilt today.

I help many families who are simply overwhelmed by the task of creating a way to enjoy their children’s keepsakes. Vacaville Organizer would be honored to partner with you in creating a keepsake that can be easily displayed on a bookshelf and enjoyed with your children for years to come.



February Paper Series-Quick idea for school paperwork Week Two of Office/Paper Series: Almost every client with children has the issue of what to do with ALL of the treasures that come home on a daily basis. I actually think the school photos, important notes, compositions, artwork, returned homework, awards and report cards multiply like rabbits at my house! I love this idea for the following reasons: IT IS MAINTAINABLE, preserves the items, portable for moving, stores like a breeze and can change as your time permits. Choose a stury, well-made plastic box with a tightly fitting lid. Put each child’s name on the outside of his/her designated box and place the box somewhere that is easily accessible. (I love the photo examples included from Destination Domestication and A Bowl Full of Lemons.) Pick out the papers, art, awards, photos and grade reports that you intend on keeping and place them in the box on a weekly basis. That’s it. It’s fabulous. As each summer rolls around, you may want to go through the box and weed out those pieces that aren’t the best representations of that school year and any duplicates. The box also allows you to further break down their school years with files and tabs for each year/milestone. The thing that most appeals to me about this simple system is that it gives you options. If you only have the time and energy to get their papers into the designated boxes-that’s fabulous. If you want to break it down by year and begin to set up files-you rock. If you want to use these memory boxes as the organized starting point for a digital scrapbook or Project Life book-you are a super star. The papers are preserved and can easily be referenced with little money or time invested.If you have boxes full of school work and memories that need a system, maybe a professional organizer can help. February is office space promotion month at Vacaville Organizer and all packages are 50% off if booked before 2/28/14. Happy organizing!

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