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I see a lot of closets. Just recently, I helped a client edit and organize a closet which yielded 18 black garbage bags in donations. Closets are a woman’s inner sanctum…the place we let few people see. Why? I think it is one of the most personal spaces in the home. Our closets are full of memories-both good times and bad. Closets usually house our various sizes; I would say most women have at least three sizes in their closet. There is often regret about garments with the tags still attached. It is, generally, a place that I am not invited to organize with a client until a relationship is established. Revealing our closet contents makes us vulnerable.

Working with clients has made me realize that there is a need for comfortable, modest clothing. How many times have you purchased a stylish outfit and counted the seconds until you could take it off and get comfortable again? I see closets packed so tightly that you can’t remove a hanger, yet the client truly feels that she doesn’t have anything that suits her. Accessories are brimming off of the top shelves and piled on the floor in an attempt to put “your individual” stamp on mass-produced items.

I share this with you because I can relate personally. In fact, I was so frustrated with finding clothing 6 months ago that I considered sewing the skirt myself! (Sewing is an amazing skill, but not when you don’t have the time, talent or proper equipment.) It is about this time that I was introduced to LuLaRoe. I fell in love with my first item. I couldn’t stop talking about it; I wanted to tell everyone. There is nothing like it on the market.llrspring2016_188

This unique company offers on-trend, modest and comfortable clothing. Only 2,500 items of each print are ever made so you won’t see your shirt on every corner. I love that this company embraces all sizes of women by offering sizes from a 0-24. There are solid, conservative styles and fun patterns that suit the most creative personalities. Pencil skirts, dresses, “buttery” leggings, shirts, tunics, maxi skirts and more in every woman’s size.

Further, LuLaRoe clothing can enable women to edit their wardrobes down to simple basics that actually fit, make them feel good and express their unique style. When organizing a client’s closet, it actually becomes easier to dress with fewer items. A capsule wardrobe that travels well can free your time, budget and emotions.

As a professional organizer, I am excited to have a resource for individuals who are looking to simplify. As a LuLaRoe Consultant, I look forward to helping women bring organization to their closets through mindful editing, folding techniques, storage ideas and space planning. Organization and mindful clothing selection go hand-in hand.july4th_llr_85a

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Inventory and exciting things are coming in August! This blog, my LuLaRoe Facebook page and Instagram will all have updates about organized, comfortable clothing.


-Lorinda, Organized Fashion Consultant


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