The Magic of Two Hours


Where does the time go?

Two hours can pass so quickly. In two hours you can watch two evening television programs, one movie, wash and dry a load of laundry, make and serve dinner, drive back and forth to work, go to the dentist or a myriad of other seemingly ordinary, mundane tasks. Do you ever ask yourself where the time went at the conclusion of a busy day? You may feel exhausted, but you look around and get discouraged that more of your goals weren’t accomplished.

You are NOT alone.

The majority of my clients describe their daily life as “over-whelming”, “exhausting”, “fast-paced” and “difficult to manage”. These same clients are successful in their professional lives and at home, but lack the time to tackle projects that would improve their quality of life. A recent business article entitled, “12 Things Successful People Do Before Breakfast” by Jenna Goudrau will surprise you….specifically #4 and #10.

Working on a Personal Project

Strategizing and Planning


The Silently Overwhelmed

I recently had the privilege of working with a lovely, successful and gracious client. This client had worked hard to develop her professional career, devoting 8 hours or more daily at the office, extended education, travel and working into the night at home fielding calls, doing reports and managing her team. She is a single mother who runs the household, is an attentive and nurturing parent and has more friends than most. She is fun. She is talented. She is career-driven. She is also over-whelmed, but you would never know it looking from the outside. She may be just like you….quietly drowning. 

“Throw me a life preserver!”

I share my lovely client’s struggle because she is like so many clients that I am privileged to be invited into their inner-circle to help. She may even be a little like you…the “you” that doesn’t come out at dinner parties or at work. I want to tell you that there is a life preserver that can help “drowning in clutter, projects, unfinished business”. It is two hours. In two hours, magical things can happen partnering with a professional organizer. At the two hour mark, we can dig you out of a proverbial hole and you will begin to see headway. Two hours of concentrated and planned work can lift your spirits. Those same two hours can give you the encouragement to press forward. Successful people realize the importance of their own projects and strategize how to devote time to get them done. In Goudrau’s article, she outlines that successful people plan to be able to do things that are important to them. As a professional organizer, I would add that doing those nagging clutter-clearing projects that make your life difficult will give you peace. Two hours can throw you a life preserver in a sea of chaos.

Maybe you have a room, a garage or a corner in your home like this one.


This photo was actually taken about twenty minutes into the clearing process, when we could actually swing the door open. This was a weighty project on another client’s list. His adult child left home AND a big mess. Over a few months, this morphed into a completely unusable room and a great deal of stress for the homeowner. The project became more unmanageable and unpleasant to consider beginning. Work, the holidays, travel for work and family obligations seemed to fill up every opportunity to tackle such a big project. The client decided to book an appointment with me for four hours. He planned to make this personal project a priority, just as Goudrau described. At the two hour mark, we snapped these photos of the room:




after2_4174What a difference two hours make.

I give high marks to this client. He was ready to make decisions and a hard worker. We took bag after bag of trash, donation items and things to be relocated out of this space. We had a strategy, we set aside the time and just dug in. Amazing things can happen in the span of a few hours. Nothing was purchased for this project. The only tools required were different colored garbage and donation bags. The room was now functional again! More importantly, the burden of clearing out this space was removed from my client’s list of things that were weighing him down, causing him stress and even disturbing his sleep. This room was no longer a daily irritant.

Vacaville Organizer books appointments for a minimum of four hours. This enables us to build in time to strategize, clear out the space and get it to a point of equilibrium before we leave. I am always so excited to reach that magical two hour mark with a client and see encouragement in their face. Two hours can make a difference in even the largest of projects. At four hours, there are usually high fives all around!

Do you have a Monster Project looming over you?

Screen Shot 2016-01-31 at 8.20.30 PM

Do you feel overwhelmed, over-worked, under-appriecated and without hope due to a situation of excess? I would encourage you to develop a plan and set aside time to work toward your goal. Your plan may involve partnering with Vacaville Organizer, hiring a babysitter to help with the children so you can work uninterrupted, taking a day off of work or another creative solution. Then set your phone’s clock for a two hour alarm and dig in.

Screen Shot 2016-01-31 at 8.24.35 PM

You’ll be surprised with how much you can accomplish in just a few hours.

Read, set, organize!

-Lorinda, owner of Vacaville Organizer






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