Fresh and Tidy Pantry Organization


I have the privilege of sharing a beautiful pantry today. This darling client I had the pleasure of partnering with had a clear vision for her pantry.

During our consultation, she expressed a desire for her pantry to have the following elements:

  • Tiffany-blue and grey color scheme
  • Canvas bins for bulky items (did not want to see ugly, larger bags of product)
  • spice and pantry staple storage located in the pantry
  • adequate cereal storage space
  • easy snack access for younger family members
  • clean and tidy appearance that would be easy to maintain
  • custom art piece

Having a distinct vision for your organization project is extremely helpful. Before embarking on any big organizing home project, jot down your own “wish list” for appearance and function. Reviewing this list will enable you to hone in on your goals as you work through the different steps of your project without distraction.


Tour of the Pantry…before

This pantry was neat and tidy, but lacked systems for the homeowner. As a new build pantry, it was generous in size. The client wanted to add function, distinct areas for food and color/style to reflect her own great design sense.


There were aspects of this pantry that WERE working. The spice storage functioned well for the client and simply needed to be expanded. Evaluate areas of your space that are easy to access, things get put away and are visually appealing just as they are. There is no need to re-invent the wheel when embarking on an organizing project.


Identify areas of the space that are a source of continual frustration. These areas are generally hard to keep clean, family members are resistant to the systems presently in place or items are difficult to find or access. Efforts should be concentrated on these areas. This client identified a lack of storage for various food categories and a desire to use all of the shelves in her pantry more completely.

Consider Appropriate Storage

Working with a professional organizer brings a world of possibilities to you. Following the consultation, various storage systems were presented. A professional organizer will measure your space, take photos, do extensive research and provide various viable solutions from which the client can choose. The wonderful part of this is that it all occurs in your home, at your convenience, and the choices are presented to you. For this already highly organized client, careful consideration was given to systems that would function well for years to come. The client selected an affordable option for her cereal containers with these Rubbermaid containers:


They were carried for a brief time at various Costco locations, but can also easily be purchased online. They are durable, kid-friendly and came in a complimentary color. The blue color was found at Costco, but can also easily be purchased through Amazon in this same Sky Blue color.  The angled side makes the container easy to grasp.

The client already had a few of these plastic, thatched baskets that have been popular in a grey color purchased for her pantry.

Screen Shot 2015-07-27 at 1.39.26 PM

I notice that Target’s online selection of these is now very limited. This line is most-likely being discontinued and is limited to what remains in your local store. After considering my client’s specifications and pantry plans, I purchased complimenting baskets in a Tiffany blue color to bring color and additional storage to the pantry. A professional organizer can provide options to compliment existing storage to make one cohesive system. In addition, options that are not readily available/known can be obtained through the organizer to make your pantry truly special.


Establish “Zones”

Creating various zones for different types of food or to accomplish certain tasks is a huge time-saver and maximizes the use of your space. More specifically, this client requested a pantry staple area. My recommended storage containers are made by Snapware. I like their durability, price point, that they take up identical footprints so they can be modularly stored, that they are easy to grasp, they contain a flip top action and they are easy to manipulate with one hand.


Lazy Susans are another way to establish “zones” in difficult to access corners or on deep pantry shelves such as the ones in this pantry. We corralled the clients oils, vinegars, sauces and spreads on a separate, rotating lazy susans for easy access and maintenance. This is my favorite brand with its fixed base and smooth as silk turning ability. These can also be purchased in either size from Amazon here. (NOT an affiliate post.)

IMG_3146 IMG_3118

These Snapware containers work well in for clients with large walk-in pantries as well as those with smaller, cupboard pantry configurations.


Keeping cans by category in these fabulous and sturdy rolling can racks further separates the pantry into zones and makes inventory a snap.


“Personalize to Prioritize”

Adding your own personal touch provides needed encouragement to keep the pantry tidy. When you are personally vested in a space and it is visually appealing to you-as well as highly functional-the space is easy to maintain. The newly organized area becomes important to you. In this pantry, the gorgeous rug (selected by my client) performs the added function of preventing glass items from instantly shattering should little hands lose grip. A low pile rug that does not impede the function of the door and can be easily vacuumed (rubber backed) is a smart choice for a busy, young family.

My darling client’s initial wish list also included a custom sign featured on a popular HGTV television show. Although we were unable to find the original, antique tin sign, a custom piece was made especially for her pantry in her desired Tiffany blue color scheme.

Screen Shot 2015-07-27 at 2.55.20 PMScreen Shot 2015-07-27 at 2.48.09 PM

Label, Label, Label!

Labels often are viewed as clearly an aesthetic aspect of the organizing project. However, adding labels enables things to be returned to their correct area after use. Labels and bin/baskets help to set limits, preventing over-stocking a pantry. When clients work with Vacaville Organizer, custom labels are created to their distinct specifications. In this fresh and tidy pantry, custom laminated labels with brad fasteners were used for a polished, personal look. This type of label is not only durable, but also highly functional. Attention to detail and the extensive time spent creating custom labels are a complimentary service Vacaville Organizer offers clients at this time.

Pantries are the hub of our kitchens. Make yours truly special and “tidy” today!


Vacaville Organizer would be honored to help partner with you to make your pantry truly special and function well for your family’s needs. Call or email Vacaville Organizer for a consultation appointment to bring your organizing dream to a reality.

Happy Organizing!-Lorinda, owner of Vacaville Organizer


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