Cupboard organized for $12

Organization does not have to be time-consuming or expensive. This quick kitchen cupboard update’s cost was less than $13 dollars and took less than an hour. Take a little peek inside of a darling client’s cupboard I had the privilege of giving a “quick update” to recently.

This is a very typical kitchen cupboard and my client had great components already in place. Often, there isn’t a need to purchase very much to make a space function better. They key lies in thinking about function. The client needed access to her spices on the bottom shelf; she wanted to be able to see them clearly. The cupboard’s plan was built around the need for proper spice storage. Here are some of the key components to this fun update:

1. Command hook: ($1): Install a command hook to keep measuring spoons at your fingertips. No more hunting in various drawers to try to find a way to measure!

Gall #6

2.  Dollar Store bins: ($2) and Shop your home ($0): These simple dollar store bins were all that was needed to store extra baking supplies for re-stocking purposes. Shop your home first! We found the bin on the left in another room and it was the perfect finishing touch to store her decorating sprinkles.

white gall bins

3. Lazy Susan ($0): We were able to repurpose the turn table on another shelf in the cabinet and define its purpose. The benefit of the Lazy Susan is that it allows items that would normally be out of reach to be available through the rotating design. We were able to utilize the space on the higher shelf that would normally largely be “out of reach”.

4. Mason Jar ($1): This idea is all over Pinterest and is a fabulous storage option. I hate when my cupcake/muffin liners get wrinkled and ruined. The tall jar’s design allows you to stack multiple sets of liners in a small footprint. The blog, Table For Two, (click over here to read more) featured this inspirational photo which was a snap to recreate.

Screen Shot 2015-05-04 at 10.43.36 PM

5. Expandable Stair Organizer ($7.99): My client already owned one expanding stair organizer, so we decided to extend the multi-level concept across the entire bottom shelf. I love the flexibility of the risers and the fact that it enabled her to see all of her spices at a glance. We further categorized her spices, to fit the way her family uses them. The spices on the far left are “blended” the spices in the middle are sweet (i.e. nutmeg, cinnamon, etc.) and the spices/rubs on the far right are all “grilling”. Some quick labels on the necks of the containers toward the back ensured that all the spice names were visible for her and is a system that will be easy to maintain. Organize your cupboard items to fit the way you cook and use them.

Cupboard Before and After

I can assure you that your cupboards are absolutely normal and probably need just a little “organizing love”to get them to function a lot better for you. Vacaville Organizer would love to give your kitchen cupboards organization with creative, custom ideas to fit your lifestyle. 

Happy Organizing!

-Lorinda, owner of Vacaville Organizer


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