Hall Closet Organized

Hall Closet Organized

Hall Closet Organized

Spring project: Hall Closet Organized

Hall and linen closets are often a goldmine of wonderful space in the home. I had the privilege of working with a darling client to organize her hall closet that served many functions. This hard-working closet served as the family’s linen closet, medicine chest, household stock warehouse and storage for more essentials than I could even list. Storage is often at a premium in homes so every cabinet needs to function well. My lovely client lives in an older home and was looking for a way to brighten and lighten the feel of the aging wood in her closet without the time, hassle and mess of painting. Within a few hours with Vacaville Organizer, her closet was transformed into a happy and organized space.

Getting started:

This was a relatively quick and inexpensive project. As with all projects, everything from the closet was removed and the shelves were thoroughly cleaned. The contents of the closet were then carefully categorized and a bit of purging took place.

Typical hall closet

Typical hall closet


Add some fun!

With the shelves gone, removable contact paper was installed to give my cute client the “pop” of color she was looking for. I have been encouraging clients to add color and personality while we are working on their organizational project. When you open a drawer or cupboard, seeing the freshly organized space with a lovely background of pattern is so pleasing. There are several brands of removable wallpaper and shelf liner now which enable you to add pattern without the commitment of traditional wallpaper. Some of my favorite shelf liner is found through Amazon and made by MacBeth (click here for the link). Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 11.30.36 AMOnce the back of the closet was properly lined, the shelves were adjusted to maximize storage for the client’s various categories of items and the storage systems which we selected. One of the most common misconceptions homeowners have is that their present shelf placement is the only option. Most cabinets and shelves are fully adjustable and can be customized to your individualized storage needs.

Before re-installing the shelves, each shelf was also lined with the same fun chevron print liner. Lining the older shelves made them feel fresh again.

Loading the newly organized closet:

The contents of the closet were then carefully arranged to allow for proper access for this family. Consideration was also given to children who reside and visit the home. Medications and other caustic chemicals were arranged on the top shelves-out of reach. Vacaville organizer created a first-aid kit in a tall shoe box with inserts to hold various sized band aids and ointments.

Tall Shoe boxes perfect for First Aid

Tall Shoe boxes perfect for First Aid

First aid kits should have the ability to be removed, instead of put in a stationary storage system, so that it can be taken to the place of injury. The tall shoe boxes are also wonderful as liquids such as alcohol and hydrogen peroxide can be placed upright, minimizing leakage.


One of the most popular items lately for clients has been this type of “grab and go” bin. It is perfect for items that homeowners need to access quickly such as sunscreen and their deep bin and sturdy ability to stack is a recipe for success. Also, since there is no need for a lid, the system is nearly maintenance free.

Grab and Go stackable bins

Grab and Go stackable bins

  Labeling as a final step

Labeling the space is also important to ensure that items return to their proper place and to involve the entire household in the new system. We selected bright yellow labels that are easy to read for this hall closet.MP containers

Spring is just a few weeks away. Hall and linen closets have been a popular request for the clients I have had the opportunity to set systems up for this month. Just a few hours can easily create a happy and organized closet in your home.

Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 11.50.27 AM



Vacaville Organizer can make your hall closet just a happy in a few hours time. Contact us and ask about the “happy hall closet” special for the month of February exclusively for blog followers.

Happy Organizing from Vacaville Organizer!


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