Crafter Organization: Die-cuts and Stickers

sticker pockets

 Scrapbooking and paper crafting enthusiasts have a common, universal dilemma…the STUFF!

Where do I put all of my supplies?

These particular hobbies generally require a lot of tools and materials in order to be creative. Stickers and cut-out, paper shapes (called die-cuts) are particularly hard to store. This post will address stickers and die-cut-outs specifically.

Sticker and Die-Cut Storage

sticker and die cut storage

The organizational problem lies in several areas. Firstly, scrapbook and craft hobbyists are creative and visual individuals. They are inspired by color, theme and their surroundings. Simply tucking all of their supplies on a high shelf, behind closed closet doors will not work for an avid crafter. Sorry. Secondly, access and clean-up to the stickers and die-cuts must be easy. Many of the crafters I have worked with only have short bursts of time in which to work on their scrapbooking/card-making/paper crafts. 20 minutes of set-up and clean-up time is simply not possible. Lastly, there are so many categories of items to be stored (every holiday, sport, age-group, celebration, etc.) that many systems are either too small or too limiting for the large number of categories. A search on Pinterest and the internet provided a few solutions, but none of them was flexible and large enough to accommodate the particular craft room we were working in. We needed lots of storage with numerous of categories that could be stored modularly into existing cabinetry. Oh, and it needed to be versatile enough to “grow” with the client and not cost prohibitive.

What type of storage do I need?

Vacaville Organizer hatched a unique and original idea to accommodate a large collection of stickers and die-cuts. For the entire crafting space, we decided to choose containers from Staples called  The Really Useful Storage Box which is sold online and at your local Staples. This type of storage was selected very specifically because it accommodated the dimensions of the client’s cabinets, this line of boxes came in a myriad of sizes, they stacked well and they had a hinged lid to keep the supplies free of dust. We selected two of the larger 19Liter boxes to hold the stickers and die-cuts. To differentiate between the two identical boxes in her cabinets, the smoke color was specified for die-cuts and the clear for stickers. However, both are opaque and the contents can easily be seen. The rest of the craft room was outfitted with this same line of Really Useful Storage to maximize space in the same clear color.stack solutionsScreen Shot 2014-12-31 at 3.37.39 PM


Screen Shot 2014-12-31 at 3.39.52 PM

stack solutionsHow do I further organize within the selected storage?

To organize the various categories in box the sticker and die-cut box, simple hanging file folders simply would not work. Although there is a built-in rail within the 19 Liter size, the small contents would simply spill out if the folder was lifted out. Also, the client wanted the flexibility to remove the categories and take them to different locations within the house. An innovative solution was required. This is where hiring a professional organizer can often help. Sometimes homes and clients need to have storage and organizational systems created specifically for them. A “cookie cutter” storage box simply was not going to work. These Pendaflex 10 pack of Poly Folders were the perfect answer.IMG_1771




You can oder them through Amazon and they are incredible affordable and versatile. They are made with one sealed side, with the other side and top open. We simply put some invisible, heavy-duty tape on the other horizontal side and the folders worked as file pockets. Now the client could easily remove each category and even move them to a different location while still maintaining organization. Just slipping any unused items back into the protective pocket was a solution for easy clean-up as well.




sticker pockets

The project involved categorizing all of the client’s stickers and die-cuts. This is a time-consuming process, but one that only will be done once. Once the categories were determined, the stickers/die-cuts  were further categorized by size. Further, the client wanted all of her alphabet stickers together so further categories were made. A couple of extra boxes were used for odd and over-sized sticker and die-cut sets so that they would not be bent or damaged.

19 liter boxes



However, the bulk of the items fit neatly in the 19 Liter Really Useful Storage Boxes with Poly Folders. The now sealed folders were labeled, with a distinction made on the folder set that would house the die-cuts.

die-cuts organized



The finished product has me smiling because we started with two bankers’s boxes full of wonderful supplies, just waiting to be used and enjoyed by the avid crafting client. Each box fits perfectly under her work station in a cabinet she can easily access. This is an added, storage bonus as it allows for her work space to remain clean when she is doing other types of crafting and does not need these supplies.

Storage doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive, but it helps to take careful measurements and be creative. Assess all your needs before you settle on a plan and you will reap long-term results and satisfaction.

Do you have a project that would benefit from the help of a professional organizer? Lets talk!

-Lorinda Childs, owner of Vacaville Organizer


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