Summer medical bag….Organized!

medical bag#2
Summer is almost here.  Many of us will pack up for fun trips.  Packing for an airline, camping or road trip can be stressful.  Forgetting to pack a few medical necessities can be DISASTROUS.  Organizing a few supplies to get you through a rough night with tummy troubles, a debilitating headache, a rouge fever or a nasty case of mosquito bites can save your sanity.  If you are traveling with children, include medication suited for little ones (Children’ Motrin, Children’s Tylenol, teething gel and a decongestant).  If you take a holistic approach to your medical care, include the herbs/vitamins/essential oils to treat those members of your family traveling.  Customize your travel bag to also include an Epi-pen for those members of the family with threats to a severe allergic reaction.

Purchase the smallest size possible of each of the medications which you frequently use.  This bag is intended just to get you through the night or until you can make it to a drugstore because we want it to be easily portable.  Listed below are some suggestions of what a bag for most adults would include for trips domestically and abroad.

What should I pack in a travel medical bag?

  1. Carmex or lip balm.  There is nothing more irritating that chapped, bleeding, windblown lips that seem to get more sore each time you moisten them with your tongue.  Ouchie.
  2. Cold/flu medication.  I would recommend just a few tablets of your preferred cough/congestion/fever medication to take when illness strikes and you are away from home.
  3. Night cold/flu medication.  Exactly the same as the previous item, but with the added benefit of helping you sleep through the yucky cold you just caught.
  4. Pepto-Bismo and Anti Diarrheal Medication.  New foods+new bacteria abroad+travel=tummy troubles.  This is heaven-sent.  Studies show that 35% of all international travellers (and 50% of those visiting developing countries in Latin America, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia) develop “traveller’s diarrhea” (TD).  Enough said.
  5. Mosquito repellant.  If you are traveling abroad or to a place with standing water, this could be a real life/skin saver. (Pay particular attention to the directions with this strong product.)
  6. Cortizone cream.  This anti-itch cream may save you from itching all night from pesky bug bites/poison oak or skin irritation on your trip.  Relief in a tube.
  7. Thermometer.  This handy item only takes up a tiny amount of space, but is a great idea to pack to determine if you have a fever and what medication would be most appropriate to treat your illness.
  8. Eye drops.  Our travels often take us to dry and variant climates and eyes can become irritated.  Lubricant eye drops can also give relief to allergy sufferers as you visit a different climate.
  9. Neosporin.  Magic, healing cream.
  10. Bandaids.  A great addition to your kit for minor cuts and scrapes.
  11. Ibuprofen.  Perfect for fevers and body and aches and pains.  Often, our summer adventures hurt a bit the next day.
  12. Tylenol. Also a great treatment for pain, fever, headaches or sore legs/feet from walking more than normal.Summer bag organize blog

Contain all your medical necessities in a small, clear bag.  This makes airline bagging checking easier and inventory of your bag much quicker.  I purchased the one featured in this post at WalMart for less than $4. I would recommend organizing your emergency medical items in a bag that you don’t need to empty, as you will want it to stay packed and ready for all of your summer excursions.

Honestly, the initially investment for this bag of medical necessities was very reasonable because we purchased small, manageable sizes of all of the products.  I fully expect this little bag to pay big dividends the very first time that we travel and I have to avoid a Code 3 trip to the pharmacy/grocery store, only to find out they have closed for the night.  Uggh.  Been there, done that.

Organization often allows one to look forward and anticipate future needs or situations.  This weekend, take a minute and assemble a summer medical travel bag.  The next time you travel, even just overnight, you will be ensured that you have all the comforts of your medicine cabinet away from home.

Happy Organizing-Lorinda with Vacaville Organizer


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