Blowing the doors off organization this weekend!

PicMonkey Collage3I have an ugly cabinet confession.  I have a small, previously useless, cabinet in my kitchen that I hate.  Not only does the door to the cabinet block the traffic flow in and out of the kitchen, but the door swings into the refrigerator!  This cabinet is oddly angled and has also “eaten” up the spines of several of my cookbooks because it is so shallow.  I sat looking at my ugly cabinet this week and decided that it had untapped potential.  I took an evening and revamped my monster cabinet into usable and organized kitchen storage.  I’m embarrassed, but take a peek-cabinet before

I evaluated what storage needs I did have and decided that easy cookbook access was lacking.  It was difficult to get cookbooks in and out of “ugly cabinet” and it had really just become a catch-all for kitchen gadgets.

I removed the doors and addressed the poor paint job first.  A quick sanding made a big difference to remove the chipping, damaged surfaces.  A little wood filler in the cabinet door’s screw holes and my ugly duckling was ready for a fresh coat of paint.  sanding cabinet

After the paint dried overnight, I caulked the seams to the back of the cabinet so there wouldn’t be any gaps.  A quick touch up with paint and this cabinet was looking so much better.door removalcaulk cabinet

I let the paint cure for a day or two before adding my cookbooks back in.  During this time I took a minute to remedy my cookbook situation.  I had mangled binder cookbooks that were showing the wear and bursting at the seams.  Instead of opting for one HUGE cookbook, I decided to break my cookbooks up into the categories that made the most sense with the way I cook. DSC08747 I now have four, MANAGEABLE, cookbooks:

  1. Main Dishes
  2. Desserts
  3. Side Dishes and Salads
  4. Breads, Breakfast and Appetizers

Within each cookbook with more than one category, I used simple labels on tabs to divide the sections.  I print a lot of recipes out from my computer, so I slip the 8 1/2 X 11 pieces of paper in sheet protectors to prevent my sticky fingers from getting all over the recipes.

cabinet after 2My” ugly duckling cabinet” turned “swan storage” has really opened up the kitchen and made pulling my cookbooks out effortless.  I wonder why I didn’t do this years ago?

Week’s challenge: Evaluate the storage that isn’t working for you

Do you have a cabinet, bookshelf or drawer in your house that doesn’t function for you?  I would encourage you to look at your space creatively.  Cabinets do not have to have doors.  Drawers need to be changed up to fit your needs.  Much more than books can be stored on your bookshelf.

Get creative and get organized!-Lorinda, Vacaville Organizer



  1. The kitchen is one of the most important areas of the house.

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