A trip to Lowe’s with Vacaville Organizer this weekend!

A trip to our local Lowe's this week for organizing tools and favorites.

A trip to our local Lowe’s this week for organizing tools and favorites.


What would a beautiful weekend be without a trip to the home improvement store at our house?

I love home improvement stores such as Lowe’s and Home Depot for organizing products.  The home improvement store is often a lesser-known resource for your organizing project.  We often consider the hardware store for building projects such as closets and shelving. However, they also have wonderful resources for other organizing projects!  Overall, the durability of many of the products at the home improvement store is superior too.  I’d love to take you shopping today and point out a few of the products that I seem to reach for again and again in my own home and those of clients.

This product has saved me MANY times and is worth its weight in gold.

I often talk about this product when giving presentations because it is such a huge time-saver for busy families.  Organizing is primarily about setting up systems to help families function more efficiently.  How many times have you been running out the door and not been able to find your keys?  Has the mail key ever gone missing?  Has another family member accidentally taken your set of needed keys?  Have you ever misplaced the keys to a shed or padlock?  Have you ever needed an extra house key to give to a pet sitter or babysitter?  Then this $4 beauty is a must.  I love to mount this to the inside of a cabinet with the enclosed command strip.  (I would suggest this cabinet be in a place where little hands can not reach it if you have children.)  Simply take all your keys to your local locksmith and ask for duplicates to be made.  Label each key fob with the appropriate key.  Problem averted.  The version pictured below has four key slots, but this same company makes various versions with up to eight key fobs. I love this product.lowes key

keyringSpeaking of keys, this item makes life much easier.

Many of us, sadly, now have a community mailbox and grab our mail on our way home.  In order to open the mailbox, you have to turn off your car ignition.  This quick release key fob allows you to remove just one key quickly, without fiddling with the ring.  This is a handy tool for anyone who has a singular key which they need to consistently remove from their keyring.

garbage canThis item instantly cuts down clutter. Period.

A garbage can seems like such a simple, boring item.  Consistently, my clients do not have usable/large enough garbage cans in the rooms we are working on.  Having cans labeled for “trash”, “recycling” or “shredding” can instantly encourage you to clear spaces and provide a convenient place to put refuse items that would otherwise become clutter.

kitchen collageSmall kitchen? These products CAN make a difference.

These space-saving items can make a tiny kitchen function much more efficiently.  I especially recommend the bakeware sorter (featured above with the red packaging) that allows you to store/sort your bakeware easily.  The expandable shelves are also wonderful for dividing various sizes and types of dishes and using your cupboard space to its maximum potential.  Another favorite item in this section are the Lazy Susans.  These rotating storage options are wonderful in cupboards, pantries and in refrigerators.  This is a great section to peruse to make your kitchen storage more efficient.

paintPaint can change most anything.

Last week I consulted with a client who wanted to replace her entire metal desk set.  She said that it functioned just fine, but that she really wanted another color.  She pointed out that the dull silver color of her pencil holder, filing cabinets, baskets and other items were boring and didn’t encourage her to keep her work area tidy.  She was a “hot pink” type of girl and I couldn’t agree with her more.  After examining her budget, we decided that painting the items was a better option and allowed her to stretch her funds.  Having a space reflect our personality and energy encourages us to keep in clutter-free.  Before your replace a picture frame, bulletin board or organizing item, consider painting it.  (The paint manufacturer prints guidelines on the can to help you choose the appropriate type of paint for your surface.)  Painting may allow you to get just the perfect color you are looking for pennies, instead of dollars.

lowe's bins

12 storage bin setbattery storageDivide and conquer-

These are great storage options for small items.  I also like the fact that they are made to handle nuts and bolts ,so they’re quite durable.  The larger stacking variety are wonderful for recycling (their intended purpose), but also equally great for corralling outside toys, clothes in kids’ closets, garden equipment and stacks of sewing material.  Craft supplies, small toys, Legos,  hobby pieces,  and batteries can be easily compartmentalized in the smaller versions.  My favorite use for the portable organizer featured above by Kobalt is for batteries.  Be creative when sorting!

bins #1 bin #2 lowe'sAnother resource for storage bins-the hardware store.

People sometimes forget that the hardware store is a great place to find a wide assortment of bins, boxes and totes for their organizing project.  Lowe’s has an amazing selection of different textures, sizes, colors and types of bins at great prices.  I was surprised at how this sections has grown in just the last year.

Magic slidersSlide over here-

Organizing projects often involve moving existing heavy furniture. These Super sliders (or Magic Sliders) are awesome for being able to reconfigure rooms without a body-builder beside you to help.  They are also excellent to use on the bottom of furniture that moves frequently like dining rooms chairs to avoid scratching the floor or encountering carpet resistance.  A more unconventional use for the small super sliders is to use them on the bottom of heavy, countertop appliances that you slide forward to use (i.e. KitchenAid Mixers).  Love this idea! If you find yourself heaving and panting to get a heavy item moved, these furniture sliders are a great answer. (Unless you are married to a buff/muscle-bound guy, of course!)

If you find yourself at the hardware store on a sunny, Saturday afternoon, you may just find the perfect solution to an organizing project.  Look for me-I’m probably just on the next isle!

I’d love to hear where you shop for your organizing projects.  Feel free to take the poll below:

Happy organizing-Lorinda, Vacaville Organizer


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