Go vertical-small space solutions

Do you lack sufficient storage?  Think out of the box and go vertical!


Custom built-ins are often an option to harness vertical storage and work with oddly shaped rooms and walls. This beauty was built by my talented DH.


The majority of my clients indicate that they lack proper storage in their homes.  This is a huge problem that can be solved a few ways.  Firstly, take advantage of Julie Morgenstern’s great acronym-SPACE:

  1. S-Sort.  Go through what you do own and put like things with like.
  2. P-Purge.  This is the step that will make the biggest difference.  Only keep those things that function well for your space and support your goals.
  3. A-Assign a home.  Decided how you will use the space and put items in places that make sense to you.
  4. C-Containerize.  This is everyone’s favorite step, but it should really be done toward the end when you see exactly what you need to fit your space.
  5. E-Equalize.  Another forgotten step.  Daily and weekly simple upkeep to keep your newly organized space functioning is the key to keeping a system working for the long-term. Schedule time-even five minutes for this important step.

Now that we know what needs to go in the space….think up.  Your walls are a great solution to many storage issues.

This weekend, look around your home or office space and think vertically!

We often can not change the foot print or actual square footage of our spaces, but looking “up” for creative answers is very helpful.

Built-ins are not the answer to every problem, but this unit solved the problem of a large, awkwardly sloping family room wall.  The room still remains small, but uncluttered styling and the ability to go “up” fully utilizes this space.  Designing hidden storage is also key.  It doesn’t always have to be hidden behind formal doors.  Baskets, decorative boxes and other containers can help corral the visual clutter.  The storage also helps the room function better because items finally have a home.  I also like containers with vertical storage because they set limits.


Jewelry storage gone vertical.

wall jewelry storage

iheartorganizing DIY Jewelry Storage

Jen from iheartorganizing has a fabulous way to use vertical space to display jewelry. Click to take a peek at her wonderful DIY description.

Tangled necklaces, crammed jewelry boxes and not realizing what accessories you even have are a common problem.  I like going vertical for jewelry storage as well.  Using any simple hook system or even the wildly popular peg board system would work great for jewelry storage.  Jen from iheartorganizing does a fabulous job of this when she designed her new dressing room area.  Feel free to pop over to her blog for more wonderful ideas here.

No counter space…..go vertical!

A pet peeve of mine is a counter filled with bottles, tubes and supplies.  However, what’s a girl (or guy) to do with all the items it takes to get ready each day?  For those of us who were not blessed with oodles of drawers, cabinets  and bathroom storage, I would recommend going vertical in the bathroom.  A simple and inexpensive wall mounted basket or caddy like the one featured here solves that problem.  When choosing your wall storage, ensure that it is secured to the wall to support the weight of the stored items and does not impede traffic flow.  There are often little, unused walls in the bathroom that would be the perfect location for a shelf, ledge, caddy or other storage solution.

bathrooom caddy

So this weekend, “look up”and go vertical with your storage ideas.  Consider your wall space as another creative answer to make a small space function well for you.

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Have a wonderful spring weekend and, as always…..happy organizing!

Lorinda, Vacaville Organizer



  1. What a wonderful article. Thank you for your kind mention of ways to utilize vertical space.


  1. […] where everything is easy to find and a chaotic mess. When planning your storage, be sure to think vertically. From the floor to the ceiling, every inch of wall is a candidate for some kind of storage […]

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