Drawer Organization Ideas…filing clothes?

picmonkey drawer organization

It is spring and I have a quick organizing tip! The problem with deep dresser drawers-especially shirt drawers-is that you don’t see what is at the BOTTOM of the drawer.  As a result, things get buried and wrinkled.  We even forget what is at the bottom of the drawer.  “Filing” your shirts and other clothing makes so much sense and saves a great deal of space.  Instantly, you can see what shirts you have and maintenance is a breeze.  As long as the drawer is relatively full, the little, folded bundles stay folded and upright without a problem.  I also really like this method for children’s clothing because picking out outfits is so much easier if you can see the colors at a glance.  Folding them into “file-able” bundles keeps them from getting so wrinkled and doesn’t take any more time than traditional folding methods.  Brittany from Darkroom and Dearly has a great tutorial on folding.  Basically, you fold the shirt vertically (the long way) and then in thirds or fourths.  That’s it!  Here’s Brittany’s awesome tutorial if you’d like more information:

Screen Shot 2014-03-21 at 2.38.03 PM

picmonkey drawer organization

If you look closely at the drawer you’ll notice one of my favorite organizing tools at the back:  Real Simple Drawer Organizers.  They are sold online here and at your local Bed, Bath and Beyond.  They are just awesome and coming in at under $10 (without a 20% coupon) they are a steal.  I like these organizers for a variety of reasons:

  1. They are economical.
  2. They are clear and visually unobtrusive.
  3. They interlock.
  4. They are fully customizable.
  5. They are durable.

A great photo of the contents of ONE kit.  It really is a fabulous product.

Screen Shot 2014-03-21 at 2.30.24 PM

Speaking of drawer organization……..these same boxes are awesome for socks.


Men’s sock drawers can be tricky and difficult to maintain with the various textures and types of socks.  I love that you can easily see what colors of socks you have and if you are running low on a particular variety.  Weeding out anything with overt wear/holes is also essential.  Maintaining this drawer is a snap.

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I hope these quick, easy and inexpensive ideas whip your drawers into shape this weekend.  As always….happy organizing!

Lorinda, at Vacaville organizer


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